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Recently , in Seoul on 07 June 17:54 , on official Twitter the team SKT T1 has posted recruitment notices trainee , future trainees can substitute Faker

official announcement been posted team SKT T1 , and to register as practitioners , the conditions required of trainees is to like? As someone who can replace Faker is not simple.
Information is posted on the official Twitter page
As we see , to be a possible replacement Faker really difficult , so the work is also very strict recruitment:

1. Recruitment time : 7 June - 14/6 days ( 1 week )
2. Vacancy : All trainee positions
3 .Weak demand conditions : Challenge or more
4. Contact : Submit application apply to the mailbox , which includes name, date of birth , ID , Dan , location ( first choice , second choice ) , communications , why sign up and introduced himself .
5. Request Email: [email protected]
6. Results The selected candidate will be notified shortly thereafter "

Faker replacement is not easy , so the selection is inevitable rigorous

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~~ 1/07/2017
7.6.3 fix bugsplash small patch client.

~~ 1/06/2016
7.1.2 fix bugsplash custom skin and client update.

~~ 14/12/2016
update "AUTO MOD SKIN" (AUTO TURN ON): you do not need to open the program while playing. MOD SKIN will automatically activate (provided your champion to select the default skin). the skins available that champion the "MOD SKIN" will not be automatically activated.
Because no program running while playing mod skin should never be considered as the 3rd program.
This new functionality does not change or edit the game. So it's very safe and harmless. Our policy is always to bring the best experience for everyone.