SKT T1 Recruitment trainee , in the future could replace Faker

Recently , in Seoul on 07 June 17:54 , on official Twitter the team SKT T1 has posted recruitment notices trainee , future trainees can substitute Faker

official announcement been posted team SKT T1 , and to register as practitioners , the conditions required of trainees is to like? As someone who can replace Faker is not simple.
Information is posted on the official Twitter page
As we see , to be a possible replacement Faker really difficult , so the work is also very strict recruitment:

1. Recruitment time : 7 June - 14/6 days ( 1 week )
2. Vacancy : All trainee positions
3 .Weak demand conditions : Challenge or more
4. Contact : Submit application apply to the mailbox , which includes name, date of birth , ID , Dan , location ( first choice , second choice ) , communications , why sign up and introduced himself .
5. Request Email: [email protected]
6. Results The selected candidate will be notified shortly thereafter "

Faker replacement is not easy , so the selection is inevitable rigorous