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To prepare for the season 7 or later version updates. LoL Pro Mod Skin Bulk upgraded as new features LOL PRO. Now, you can mod the skin but do not need to use software that can still skin mod extremely convenient and safe

Skin Mod Team Competitors About Skin Default

This season Mod Skin Pro 7 Features more terrible, Mod Skin LOL entire enemy team in the default skin. Although the team rival generals spend VIP skins, unearthly, supernatural, super grandfather is all about when you use default skin Skin Pro Mod is not it great physical truth.

Mod Skin Full Body Ministry's General Party Member Team Super VIP

This function helps you take a selfie MAX level transmission masturbation always to his teammates. It's great is not it :). Not the enemy Mod Team Mod Skin defaults that are all his teammates. Like all his team have skins. If both teams use the Mod Skin LOL honestly confess it is not it :)

Activating Effect Minion Super Foods
Not only infect teammates that when using Mod Skin Pro you will automatically trigger effect " Minion Super Foods " all soldiers inside your team blockbuster that become empty (only the whiff your team). Too great is not it always :)

Mod Skin Mode LoL without software
Now you do not need to have the game Mod Skin , or to always turn on again. You just turn before opening a single game. Once done you can choose Skin completely disable the software. (Even when you restart your computer without having to reopen the skins soft mod anymore). It's unbelievable, too great: D
Note: if you forget or forget to choose generals skin mod. LOL PRO will always give your mod :) so happy I got you.
More importantly: When mod skin without using software, then you do not have to worry I got you locked acc. Although ADMIN has repeatedly affirmed skin mod is not locked, but you are still worried so clever :) launched this functionality and safety assured offline 999999%

Download Program

LOL Pro software download has rolled out more than 70 million downloads mark and use from around the world. It shows the prestige and absolute confidence with this software

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~~ 1/07/2017
7.3 fix bugsplash small patch client.

~~ 1/06/2016
7.1.2 fix bugsplash custom skin and client update.

~~ 14/12/2016
update "AUTO MOD SKIN" (AUTO TURN ON): you do not need to open the program while playing. MOD SKIN will automatically activate (provided your champion to select the default skin). the skins available that champion the "MOD SKIN" will not be automatically activated.
Because no program running while playing mod skin should never be considered as the 3rd program.
This new functionality does not change or edit the game. So it's very safe and harmless. Our policy is always to bring the best experience for everyone.