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"Auto mod skin lol" is the interesting feature that lets you play with mod skin lol without opening the software.
With this feature you do not need to open the software that can still play games comfortably lol, mod skins will remain operational until the new version updates without opening the software again.

But maybe it will be frustrating for some people or you inadvertently encounter a few bugs as bugslat and you want to turn it until the new update

Uninstall Auto Mod Skin

It's easy as shown above. you just need to uncheck the "Auto Mod Skin" in the lower right corner of the software. Auto Mod Skin or otherwise disable the software altogether. you will not encounter any problems or errors gi anything :)

Download Program

LOL Pro software download has rolled out more than 70 million downloads mark and use from around the world. It shows the prestige and absolute confidence with this software

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~~ 1/07/2017
7.3 fix bugsplash small patch client.

~~ 1/06/2016
7.1.2 fix bugsplash custom skin and client update.

~~ 14/12/2016
update "AUTO MOD SKIN" (AUTO TURN ON): you do not need to open the program while playing. MOD SKIN will automatically activate (provided your champion to select the default skin). the skins available that champion the "MOD SKIN" will not be automatically activated.
Because no program running while playing mod skin should never be considered as the 3rd program.
This new functionality does not change or edit the game. So it's very safe and harmless. Our policy is always to bring the best experience for everyone.